Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Fun of Flying the Weather Modifications
It’s truly an art of scientific flying ! .
A subject of weather modification - the cloud seeding in a simpler term, in another word it could simply mean the rain making, is actually nowadays not a new thing or a new find after more than sixty years of scientific studies and experiments back in its even longer history. In fact, it is an old science that more and more of us are now familiar with in today’s world. It can be easily seen and understood within our imagination.

Weather modification is something that we deal with the matter of cloud physics in the earth atmosphere. By using a non toxic form of some types of rain making substances in small amounts we can seed, induce, and stimulate further physical formation of natural rain clouds enhancing even more precipitation out of it.

Rain making is fun, fascinating, and of course highly beneficial to the nature and environment. It also balances our climate and geography making the weather and seasons milder as well as counteracting climate change. Anyone with goodwill and a simple understanding to the subject of cloud physics, a bit of chemistry, meteorology, flying, and a lot of practical common sense and responsibility can simply go ahead and make rain!.

Talk to us to learn more if you think the watersheds and the soil need more water. Would there be, and how, any possible severe weather phenomena; also much caused by climate change; that can post any risk to our lives and properties? How could we insure ourselves? How can water resource management accordingly steer to? What kind of development - adjustment could possibly be done?
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Weather Modification Consultancy
There’s a real wonder of being up there,

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